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A paper-based microfluidic device (DON-Chip) for rapid and low-cost deoxynivalenol quantification in food, feed and feed ingredients

2021 CPRF,Nutrition
Mycotoxin contamination causes over $5 billion of economic loss per year in the North American food and feed industry. A rapid, low-cost, portable, and reliable method for on-site detection of deoxynivalenol (DON), a representative mycotoxin predominantly occurring in grains, would be helpful to control mycotoxin contamination. In this study, a paper based microfluidic chip capable of measuring DON (DON-Chip) in food, feed, and feed ingredients was developed. The DON Chip incorporated a colorimetric competitive immunoassay into a paper microfluidic device and used gold nanoparticles as a signal indicator. Furthermore, a novel ratiometric analysis method was proposed to improve detection resolvability. Detection of DON in the aqueous extracts from solid food, feed, or feed ingredients was successfully validated with a detection range of 0.01−20 ppm (using dilution factors from 10 to 104). Compared with conventional methods, the DON-Chip method could greatly reduce the cost and time of mycotoxin detection in the food and feed industry. Co-Authors: Francis Lin and Joshua Gong
Tags :
detection device,feed ingredients,mycotoxin
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University of Manitoba

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