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Complete replacement of soybean meal with black soldier fly larvae meal in feeding program for broiler chickens depressed growth performance from placement through to 49 days of age

2021 CPRF,Nutrition
The black soldier fly (BSF) is a promising alternative to traditional protein and energy sources in poultry feeding programs, which could potentially reduce the environmental impact of feed production, improve gut and immune health in poultry and eventually save money for the producer. This study examined the influence of partial to complete replacement of soybean meal (SBM) with black soldier fly larvae meal (BSFLM) in a broiler feeding program. Six diets with increasing levels of BSFLM (A – 0%, B – 12.5%, C – 25%, D – 50%, E – 100%, F – 0% + growth promoter & antibiotic) were randomly assigned to 48 pens. Growth performance (body weight, body weight gain, feed Intake, FCR) was recorded over 49 days. Diets B and C showed early growth promoting effects throughout the starter and grower phases, similar to the positive control diet (F), however in the finisher phase and overall results, diet F had resulted in greater performance than diets A, B, and C (P<0.01). Diets D and E had significantly worse performance than diets A, B, and C (P<0.01). The data indicated that birds fed lower levels of BSFLM (B – 12.5% and C – 25%) outperformed the basal diet fed birds and could provide some growth promoting effects commensurate to coccidiostats and antibiotics. However, replacing SBM with greater amounts (≥50%) of BSFLM reduced growth linked to depressed feed intake. Further research is warranted to explore metabolic and physiological basis of depressed growth when birds are fed higher amount of BSFLM.
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black soldier fly larvae meal,broiler,growth performance
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