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Developing a regionalized sustainable feed formulation for laying hen

2021 CPRF,Layers
Feed production has been reported for 70% of total cost and a significant contributor to environmental profile of poultry production. Feed formulation should therefore take appropriate measures into account to ensure least-cost and least-environmental impact of used resources. Traditional feed formulations often consider least-cost as the only objective function. Based on consulted literature, integration of environmental goals into feed formulation must be under consideration of variability in crop production, processing, and transportation of feed inputs, including differences in climate, technologies, and management practices. This project develops a regionalized, life cycle-based sustainable feed formulation, using weighted goal programming as a leading multi-criteria decision analysis tool used in feed formulation. Developed feed formulation identifies the best combination of feed ingredients, considering their least-cost, and least-regionalized environmental impacts. This formulation model allows feed stakeholders to account interaction between different feed ingredients, considering their availability, origin of production, volatile price, and regionalized environmental impacts.
Tags :
feed formulation,sustainability
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