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Development of viable alternatives to in-feed antibiotics

2021 CPRF,Gut Health, Antibiotic Alternatives & Management
Dr. Joshua Gong described his research program at AAFC-Guelph, highlights of their major achievements in poultry research and application, and outlines of their strengths and needs in research. Presented at the 2021 Canadian Poultry Research Forum, June 21, 2021. This session was sponsored by Hendrix Genetics. The Canadian Poultry Research Forum is an opportunity for students to gain practice in sharing their research and for established scientists to share their recent research. Poultry and avian scientists across Canada have the chance to connect, learn more about the great work being done across the country, and hopefully form collaborations over this multi-day event.
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alternative to antibiotics
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Guelph Research and Development Centre

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