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Embracing Bacteriophages for Poultry Food Safety: A Systematic Approach for Developing an Effective Broad-Spectrum Phage Formulation to Tackle Salmonella

2021 CPRF
Salmonella is the most prevalent foodborne bacterial pathogen around the world. Despite the efforts of the food industry, 87,500 cases of infection are reported every year in Canada. This has been usually attributed to the consumption of contaminated poultry products. Lytic bacteriophages are viruses that infect and kill bacteria. Their use has recently emerged as a novel biocontrol approach as it offers numerous advantages compared to traditional control methods. In this study, we developed a Salmonella phage formulation comprised of five phages targeting independent receptors. Application of the phage cocktail in liquid culture in vitro inhibited the growth of a wide range of Salmonella serovars. In this presentation, the detailed protocol and results of the comprehensive phage isolation, selection, and characterization will be discussed.
Tags :
bacteriophages,food safety,salmonella
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