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Evaluating the sustainability of Black Soldier Fly larvae for laying hen feed using Life Cycle Assessment

2022 CPRF,Environment and Management
The livestock industry contributes a large share of greenhouse gas emissions, land degradation, loss of biodiversity and overexploitation of water. Within this context, studies have shown that the poultry sector is the most resource-efficient, however, the production of feed remains a key contributor to the overall environmental impacts of poultry products. In the case of Canadian eggs, the optimization of activities along the supply chain has contributed to a reduction in environmental impacts. Nevertheless, sustainable feed formulation remains an important leverage point for improving resource and environmental efficiencies in the poultry value chain. The purpose of this study is to use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to evaluate the potential of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) meal as a sustainable feed input for laying hens. BSF is one of the most promising insect species due to its efficiency in converting biowaste into a high-quality source of protein and fat for animal feed. The production of BSF also provides opportunities to reincorporate food waste and by-products from food supply chains in a sustainable way. Using a commercial producer of BSF as a case study, the goal of this research is to (1) identify hotspots and evaluate opportunities in order to improve the environmental performance of BSF through the implementation of energy efficiency measures; and (2) assess the use of BSF meal in the context of sustainable feed formulation. The scope of the study will be cradle-to farm gate, including the production and processing of the BSFL, the production of the insect-based feed, and its distribution to and use on egg farms. The results of this study are aimed to support BSF producers in continuing to improve the sustainability of BSF production, as well as to inform the poultry feeds industry and egg farmers regarding the sustainability potential of BSF meal in poultry feeds.
Tags :
black soldier fly larvae,life cycle assessment,sustainability
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