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2021 CPRF
For the past fifteen years, the Chair in Poultry Research at the Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire has focused on poultry health issues arising from the various transitions the industry has embraced. A dedicated team, strong collaboration and numerous research projects conducted in both commercial farms and laboratory settings have provided information and solutions to poultry farmers dealing with consumers’ demands such as raising chickens with no or less antibiotics and moving hens out of conventional cages. Emerging and re-emerging diseases such as necrotic enteritis, enterococcal spondylitis and infectious bronchitis related false layer syndrome are currently being investigated to provide sought-after answers for prevention and treatment. These can only be effective with an understanding of the mechanisms triggering disease development, hence the need to use all available research tools, from in vitro to in vivo studies, from traditional laboratory methods to bioinformatics and omics technologies. The latest projects and findings of the Chair in Poultry Research will be presented at the Forum.
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disease prevention,poultry health
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