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Keynote: Feeding poultry in challenging times

2022 CPRF,Keynote
The World has shifted dramatically over the past few years. Early in the Covid pandemic, China took an aggressive approach to securing agricultural commodities and Western Canada exported much of its stored supply. The following growing season, the West experienced a significant drought which shorted supply and elevated prices. Covid-related lock downs created broken supply chains with trucker shortages, shipping container shortages, and port issues. The Russian/Ukraine conflict has further created supply issues as the Ukraine is a significant producer of commodities to the world and Russian sanctions further reduce supply as Russia is also a major producer of commodities. Pent up consumer demand created by lock downs and financed by government stimulus spending has fostered inflationary pressure. Green energy policies are competing for fats and oils once subsidized through carbon credit policies which are now self-perpetuating due to the price of crude oil and the shortage to global energy supply due to sanctions on Russia.  We are on a runaway train. The question is: Where is it headed?
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