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Longer Flock Cycles: Exploring a new path to sustainable egg production in Canada

2021 CPRF,Layers
Managing flocks beyond 90 weeks of age is becoming common in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Alternatively, Canada’s flock cycle lengths have remained steady at 12-month production cycles (67 to 71 weeks of age). While the improved genetic potential of birds has made longer cycles possible, exceptional management of these birds is the key to success. For producers, this extra challenge is outweighed by the economic, environmental, and social benefits of longer flock cycles, thus contributing to sustainable egg production and the industry’s social license to operate. In this presentation we will compare the Canadian egg-laying industry to others successfully pursuing longer flock cycles and provide an in-depth understanding of what barriers exist in Canada. Additionally, we will identify common factors among countries that are successfully pursuing longer flock cycles and challenges that affect all producers worldwide.
Tags :
laying hens,longer flocks,sustainability
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