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Microencapsulation of antibiotic alternatives for their effective delivery in feed

2021 CPRF
There is an increasing interest in including probiotics and other antibiotic alternatives into animal feed to sustain the animal health and production efficiency after removal of antibiotic from feed as growth promoters. For such applications, powder form product that can be incorporated into feed is often desirable. In addition, Protections are often required to ensure these bioactive substance being delivered to the animal intestines at sufficient concentrations. Without protection these antibiotic alternatives could be deactivated by factors such as feed pelleting and stomach acids etc. Microencapsulation has been proved to be an effective means for protection of bioactive substances from various adverse conditions. The research team at AAFC has developed several microencapsulation technologies for a number of antibiotic alternatives for feed uses. Particularly, this presentation will reports a number of successful applications of spray drying technology on the microencapsulation of antibiotic alternatives, including probiotics, essential oils and bacteriophages.
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antibiotic alternative,microencapsulation
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