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Pathogenesis and Host responses of Canadian 4/91 Infectious Bronchitis Virus infection in chickens

2021 CPRF
Infectious bronchitis (IB) is an economically important disease in chickens and caused by infectious bronchitis virus (IBV). Although IBV is primarily a respiratory virus, it also spreads to other tissues leading to poor performance, weight loss, high death rate and economic losses. There are hundreds of IBV variants exist globally and emerging continuously. Multiple vaccinations are common, but effectiveness varies due to the number of IBV strains present in poultry. The 4/91 IBV strain was first recorded in 2011 and was the dominant IBV variant found in Eastern Canadian poultry flocks until 2017. The affected flocks were presented with respiratory and production problems. The present study was designed to determine the impact of Canadian 4/91 IBV isolate on egg production, its tissue tropism and to determine the immune response in laying hens and young chickens. In our study we found that the Canadian 4/91 IBV is capable of infecting multiple organs including reproductive tract and kidney. However, it doesn’t have an impact on egg production or egg quality. Moreover, Canadian 4/91 IBV induced significant immune response in lung and kidney of infected chickens. We believe determining the characteristics of 4/91 IBV will provide insight into production implications for industry, help develop mitigation and will lay a foundation for developing control measures.
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infectious bronchitis virus,pathogenesis
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