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Phytobiotics to serve the poultry industry: an alternative to antibiotics

2021 CPRF,Nutrition
In 2019 Canada produced about 1.45 billion kilograms of eviscerated chicken and turkey, representing an excellent source of protein for consumers. Antibiotics have been used since 1945 in the poultry industry to prevent infectious diseases and to promote the growth of the animals. However, because the use of antibiotics has been linked to the increase in the number of antibiotic resistant bacteria, measures are needed to reduce the use of antibiotics in the meat industry. While this measure is important towards solving the antibiotic crisis, the meat industry still dependent on antibiotics to continue producing meat for a growing population. Phytobiotics represent an alternative solution to the poultry industry to maintain the good health of the animals. The purpose of this project is to provide the poultry industry new antimicrobial phytobiotics as an alternative solution to antibiotic use. We have developed a plant extract library with one hundred ninety extracts prepared from plants that are native to Alberta and plants that are part of animal feed. We have already identified eleven extracts that are active against pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus. From one plant extract we have isolated two antibiotic molecules. This study demonstrates the potential of new plant sources to provide the Canadian Poultry industry and consumers with alternative solutions to antibiotic problem. Co-Authors: Kaitlyn Grisnich, Leanne DuMontier, Nadia Hand, Roy Golsteyn, Tianna Gerber
Tags :
alternative to antibiotics,phytobiotics,plant extract
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