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The importance of an in vivo model to confirm Clostridium perfringens strains pathogenicity

2021 CPRF
An effective vaccine against necrotic enteritis (NE) should preserve the chickens’ normal gut microbiota, including commensal C. perfringens strains, while targeting pathogenic C. perfringens strains. The presence of the NetB toxin has been highly correlated with the pathogenicity of C. perfringens strains but some strains that do not harbor NetB toxin are also capable to cause necrotic enteritis. Furthermore, a healthy chicken can harbour a pathogenic strain and not develop necrotic enteritis (lack of predisposing factors or in-feed admnistration of antibiotics). As the first step in the development of a vaccine against necrotic enteritis, the aim of this study was to confirm the pathogenicity of various C. perfringens strains using the chicken intestinal ligated loop model. Results showed that some NetB negative C. perfringens strains are able to cause NE-like lesions while other NetB positive strains cannot. Thus, we conclude that the loop model is necessary to assess C. perfringens strains pathogenicity
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Clostridium perfringens,in vivo model,pathogenesis
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