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The NSERC/Egg Farmers of Canada Industrial Research Chair in Sustainability – Helping Egg Farmers Navigate the Sustainable Solutions Space

2021 CPRF
The overarching goal of this research chair is to develop and implement a broad-based program of research that will contribute the information and tools necessary to enable mainstreaming effective sustainability management in the Canadian egg industry. We use systems-level “life cycle” data, models and tools to identify, quantify, and compare sustainability risks and opportunities across egg supply chains. Towards this end, our program of research comprises three foci. First is to develop and host publicly available data resources to support rigorous and transparent sustainability assessment research via the Canadian Agri-food Life Cycle Data Centre ( Second is to evaluate sustainable intensification technologies and management strategies to identify those most suitable for implementation on Canadian egg farms. And third is to develop knowledge translation and transfer tools, such as the National Environmental Sustainability Tool (NEST), that puts all of this research directly into the hands of Canadian egg farmers for sustainability management decision support.
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egg farmers,sustainability
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University of British Columbia

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